Englewood AC: How To Choose From the Different Types of HVAC Systems

How To Choose From the Different Types of HVAC Systems

2021 was a big year for residential real estate, with around 6.12 million existing homes sold. For many people, renovations are the first order of business after a home sale.

Some people want primarily cosmetic changes, such as updates for the kitchen and bathrooms. Other people want more substantial changes, such as a new addition or converting to an open floor plan.

Something fewer people think about at first is whether they want to pick another option from several types of HVAC systems. If you’re in renovation mode or your HVAC system is winding down, keep reading for an overview of the types of HVAC systems and how to pick one.

Ducted System

Ducted systems are by far the most common type of HVAC system in homes. They generate hot or cold air in an HVAC unit and distribute that air through ducts that run through the house. Even there, though, there are some options.

Split System

The most prevalent kind of ducted system is the split system. These systems have a furnace unit, typically inside, and an AC unit, typically outside. These systems provide central and central air.

Hybrid Split System

A hybrid split system works in essentially the same manner as a traditional split system with one major difference. The hybrid systems use a combination of a furnace unit and a heat pump.

These systems can help you reduce your overall energy costs. That fact has boosted their popularity in recent years. However, the more complex system also means you must stay on top of HVAC maintenance.

Packaged System

Packaged systems do away with the two-unit model. Instead, you get your furnace and A/C together in a single unit.

Duct Free

Your other main option is a duct-free mini-split system. With these systems, you get an outdoor unit that draws in air. That unit connects with up to four individual units inside the house that distribute the air.

These systems essentially operate as heat pumps that either remove hot air from the inside or collect warmer air from the outside.

Choosing Between Types of HVAC Systems

There are several factors you must consider when deciding between HVAC system types. In many cases, replacing a system with the same kind of system is the simplest approach.

Then, there are the initial costs. Split systems are common, which often makes them the most affordable option in terms of purchase costs.

You must also consider efficiency. A duct-free system is often the most efficient but may not perform well when temperatures drop below freezing.

You should also weigh the advice of an HVAC professional, as they’ll likely handle the HVAC installation.

HVAC and You

Deciding between the types of HVAC systems means balancing several factors. How those factor balance often depends on your needs and wants.

If you want a fast installation with minimal purchase costs, a split system will likely prove the best option. If you’re looking for long-term efficiency in a mild environment, then a duct-free mini-split system may serve you best.

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