A Guide on the Common Air Conditioner Noises in Englewood

A Guide on the Common Air Conditioner Noises in Sarasota

American homeowners used 235 billion kWh of energy to cool their homes in 2021. You may have used more energy than the average person. Your Sarasota AC unit may have eaten that extra energy without you knowing it.

Malfunctioning AC systems can eat more energy than functional ones. Therefore, air conditioner maintenance technicians can reduce your AC’s energy consumption. However, you need to notice any problems your AC may have first.

Your AC unit may make noises when it malfunctions. Read on to learn how to diagnose some air conditioner noises of concern. You’ll know when you should call a technician.

Rattling Air Conditioner Noises

If you hear rattling, find the location of the sound’s source. This can reveal your AC’s exact problem.

Throughout the House

Can you hear the sound everywhere in the house? This indicates loose air ducts. Either they came loose or the technicians installed them improperly.

Condenser Unit

Check your condenser unit (the big box outside). If it makes a rattling noise, shut off your AC unit and inspect it. You could find removable debris like leaves and branches stuck in the unit.

None of These

The rattling noise may not come from either of these sources. In this scenario, the Sarasota AC unit may have a broken compressor. Let a technician take care of this issue.

Loud Air Conditioner Noises

Normal air conditioner noises include blowing, turning on, etc. These shouldn’t seem overwhelmingly loud. When this happens, your AC is experiencing one of a few issues.

Too Large AC System

Yes, an AC system’s size needs to match a home’s size. A too-big or too-small system can’t do its job effectively. You’ll need an AC replacement if you find your system is the wrong size.

Too Old AC System

An ancient air conditioner can also make loud noises. Get an air conditioner inspection from a technician. They can assess whether or not you need an AC replacement.

Humming Air Conditioner Noises

Humming noises often come from an air conditioner that won’t turn on or takes a long time to turn on. This scenario happens when one specific part malfunctions.


Your AC unit’s capacitor receives signals from the thermostat. It then tells the outdoor condenser unit to turn on. A broken capacitor cannot receive or send signals so everything can shut down or turn on slowly.

We’ll Silence Those Nasty Sarasota AC Noises

Keep in mind that the above list contains only a few possible air conditioner noises and problems. You’ll need to research further to find out about others. You shouldn’t have to look hard on the internet to find this information.

Contact us when you find out about your unit’s problem and we can help you fix it. We offer several AC services including repair, maintenance, installation, and Duct cleaning. We service Sarasota as well as surrounding areas like Venice, North Port, and Englewood.

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