Venice AC Repair: 3 Things You Should Know About AC Parts

3 Things You Should Know About AC Parts

In 2020 the global air conditioning systems market reached a value of $106.6 billion.

Air conditioners are very useful, but very complicated machines. They can add a lot of convenience to your home or business, but it is important to understand how they work and the problems that can occur with different AC parts.

For an overview of three important things you should know about AC parts, keep reading.

1. Main AC Parts

There are many AC unit parts available, and they vary from system to system. Four critical components carry out the main functions and are standard parts of AC units.

Evaporator Coil

This part is in the cold section of the AC unit. The main purpose of the evaporator coil is to turn liquid refrigerant into gas. This gas absorbs heat and moisture from the air then sends it to the condenser.


The compressor is a large pump that pressurizes the refrigerant gas, turning it back into a liquid. This part is in the hot section of the air conditioner.

Condenser Coil

Located in the hot side of the suit along with the compressor, this part acts as the opposite to the evaporator coil. It removes heat from the refrigerant and pushes it outside of the environment using a fan and turns it from a gas back into a liquid.

Expansion Valve

This sits between the evaporator and condenser, which expands the refrigerant changing it from a liquid into a gas. It does this by dropping the pressure and then it rapidly cools the refrigerant. This refrigerant gas then transfers back to the evaporator coils to repeat the cycle.

2. How These Parts Work Together

The above summarizes how each of the four main parts of an AC system work individually, but they need to function as one system for the process to work.

The entire process follows the steps below:

  1. Refrigerant is compressed into a high-temperature, high-pressure liquid
  2. The liquid travels to the condenser coils and is cooled with a large fan
  3. The refrigerant is rapidly expanded into a cool, low-pressure gas – this is what cools the room
  4. A fan blows the warm indoor air over the cooled coils, reducing the temperature

3. Common Problems

Like any piece of mechanical equipment, there will always be problems, no matter how well it is made. Some of the most common issues to look out for include:

  • Unusual smell from AC unit
  • Air filter blockage
  • Water dripping/leaking from the indoor unit
  • Unusual noises
  • No cold air

Any of these problems can be inconvenient and may cause increased energy bills. We’d recommend getting any of these looked at sooner rather than later.

AC Maintenance and Repair

Air conditioning units are complex pieces of equipment. Any work that needs to be done should only ever be done by a trained professional.

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