Sarasota AC Company: 3 Common Causes of a Non-Spinning AC Fan

3 Common Causes of a Non Spinning AC Fan in Sarasota, FL

If it’s 89 degrees or higher in your home, then there’s a serious risk of heat stroke. You could easily face these temperatures in Sarasota if your AC system is having issues.

One common problem is a non-spinning AC fan. When your air conditioner fan stops spinning, but you hear a hum, it’s time to look into the issue.

Are you wondering how to fix an AC fan not spinning? Read on for three common causes of a non-spinning AC fan. We’ll also explain expert solutions to help you stay cool in Sarasota, FL.

1. Air Conditioner Fan Not Spinning but Hums

The AC fan motor is what turns the fan blades to circulate air through the condenser unit and cool your home. Over time, these motors can wear out. It can happen from regular use or exposure to extreme weather conditions in Sarasota, FL.

When the motor fails, you may hear a humming sound coming from your AC unit. Despite this, the fan blades will refuse to spin.

When faced with a faulty AC fan motor, it’s essential to contact a reputable Sarasota AC company. They have the expertise to diagnose the issue and replace the malfunctioning fan motor with a new one. That way, your AC system will operate at peak efficiency.

Since high temperatures can be deadly, it’s worth choosing an Englewood AC company with emergency services.

2. Sarasota AC Capacitor Problems

Is your condenser fan not spinning?

The capacitor provides the initial boost of electrical energy needed to start the fan motor. If the capacitor is faulty, your AC unit may struggle to start the fan motor. Once again, you’ll encounter a humming noise and a stationary fan.

Contact a Venice AC company for Venice AC repair. They’ll start by inspecting and then replacing the faulty capacitor.

They’ll ensure your AC system has a properly functioning capacitor. This will allow the fan motor to start and circulate cool air as before.

3. Blocked or Damaged Venice AC Fan Blades

Is your air condition fan not spinning still?

Sometimes, the problem causing your AC fan not to spin may be as simple as clogged fan blades. Leaves, twigs, or even a stray tennis ball, can block the fan blades, preventing them from turning.

The problem may be the fan blades themselves. They can get bent or warped over time, sabotaging their movement.

Regularly inspect your AC unit for debris and remove any obstructions around the fan blades. If you notice damaged blades, contact an Englewood AC company for proper Englewood AC repair and blade replacement. Ensuring clean and undamaged fan blades will make a huge difference.

AC Fan Not Spinning Is a Major Problem

Is your AC fan not spinning? With these tips and tricks, you can have your AC fan up and running again.

You can always rely on Bowersox Air Conditioning and Heating. Our expertise includes everything from maintenance to Sarasota AC repair.

Feel free to fill out our contact form with details and Bowersox will get back to you as soon as possible.

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